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With our useful resources, you will be able to learn more about everything that is happening with kayaking in Canada and around the world. You will find specialized websites, online magazines, books, and much more that will help you improve your skills.

Canoe KayakCanada

Canoe Kayak Canada is the national competitive rowing organization in Canada. It is comprised of a community of rowing enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff and supporters.

Canoe Kayak Canada is a membership-based organization that includes an intricate network of clubs.As well,it also has provincial and divisional rowing associations for the sprint, whitewater, and marathon disciplines. Elite national teams proudly represent Canoe Kayak Canada in various competitions around the world.

Wilderness Activities Canada

On this website, you will find the best routes in Canada to do the type of kayak you prefer. The most complete information can be found here.

Paddle Canada

Paddle Canada was formed in 1971 to help coordinate canoeing and non-competitive kayaking across Canada. They are dedicated to the development of a standard set of skills for safe and enjoyable recreational paddling.

They set national standards for instruction and certification for recreational paddling, including canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling. Each year, over 2500 certified Paddle Canada instructors deliver sanctioned courses to over 15,000 paddlers across Canada.


REI is a company that has been in existence since 1938. They not only sell clothing and equipment for outdoor activities and sports but also share all their knowledge. Articles, stories, interviews, and much more can be found on this website.

Anything you need to practice kayaking, you will find it here, and if they don’t have it, they will tell you where to find it. REI is more than a sports shop. It’s a whole community.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play was founded in 1995. It began as a one-man kayak school, based out of his garage and focused on providing world-class customer service, instruction, and experience. It quickly grew into an outdoor retail operation.

Since 1998, they have been selling online worldwide. It is one of the largest retailers specializing in outdoor equipment, especially kayaks.