Guide to the Rapids: Kayaking Tips for Before and After

I have always wanted to travel to the Ottawa River to kayak. My friends had told me about this place. However, the trip is known to be expensive and very tough on the body, so I needed to prepare myself first. In this article, I’ll share a special guide to the rapids and how to be mentally and physically strong before and after the adventure.

Before the Adventure Starts: Facing the Rapids

The energy you feel in that activity is magnificent. Everyone is in a good mood and happy with it. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a professional, or just a follower,everyone shares the same joy and makes you feel part of a big family.

Facing a Grade IV Rapid

The Ottawa River is considered a Class IV rapid, meaning that it is a river with large but predictable waves and obstacles. However, it’s only recommended for experienced paddlers, as it needs some paddle-controlling and turning skills to enjoy the ride without experiencing problems.

Once There, Paddle Away

Once there, it’s just a matter of paddling all the way and enjoying the ride. Despite the waves, rocks, and adrenaline rush, paddling diligently will help you surf the obstacles and lead you to calmer waters at the end of the river.

After the Adventure has Ended: Relax and Recharge

After the adventure has passed and it’s time to return to the accommodation, it’s mandatory to take some time to relax, recharge, and replenish your mind and body. Whether it is with a relaxing massage, nice and plentiful food, or some free time to read or play on the phone, it’s all worthwhile if it makes you feel new again.

Eat and Rest

Eat something you like. Trust me, you deserve it. Whether it may be a nice-looking hamburger or a heartwarming soup and poutine combo, eat what you like and replenish your body.

Play and Clear your Mind

I’ve always been a lover of online casino games and kayaking, so pairing my two passions, has surely made me face the rapids with an extra oomph. After all, I know that after a rough day of paddling, avoiding rock and obstacles, and heavy paddling, I could always relax playing any of the slots offered at

Follow these simple tips to fully enjoy your trip to the rapids and make the most out of it, give your all while paddling, and take some time to rest afterwards.

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